Standard Racks, EQ-A


EQ A RearEQ-A is designed as a monitor eq rack. It contains 8 channels of Klark Teknik graphic equalisers,  a Funk Logic DD-301 and usually a reverb unit.

Coast To Coast racks are designed to be both versatile and yet fast and easy to put together as a complete system.

The racks are all deep to allow repatching without difficulty.

Almost all the racks work on the same principle, using the same type of military specification (Milspec) multipin connector. Each rack has an "Input" and an "Output", clearly labelled on the rear panel. Inside the rack are 12 XLR inputs and 12 XLR outputs. 8 of these are on flying leads, 4 are on an easily accessible patchbay as both male and female XLR.

Mains supply is all ceeform, 16A for control racks, 32A for amplifier and power supply racks. All racks have a ceeform output to allow several racks to be chained together for convenience, simplicity and tidiness.

Rear panel of a Coast To Coast Rack

Time is often limited at events, the quicker equipment can be cabled, the better. Our extensive use of multipin connectors reduces set up and get out times considerably. 

As an example:

A typical monitor system might consist of a monitor desk, power supply rack/ mains distro for the desk and control racks, an amplifier rack, a stage box and a graphics (eq) rack. To assemble this system for up to 32 input channels from stage and an 8 way monitor mix needs only 9 cable runs including mains power. It takes about 10 minutes, maybe even less.


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