Standard Racks, Drive.


CTC Drive Racks

Each Drive rack is based on exactly the same wiring scheme as all our other racks. A drive rack will contain 2 stereo, 31 band graphics equalisers (at least one of these will be a Klark Teknik DN360), a digital speaker processor (either BSS Omnidrive, Klark Teknik DN8000 or EAW MX800i), a combined CD/Tape player and a compressor. We will make sure there is a rack light as well so you can see what you are doing. As with every other control rack we have fitted a light in the back to save the usual struggle in the dark. If used at front of house with our multicore system a drive rack also provides 4 extra tie lines to stage, they can be used for a variety of purposes from talkback to making friends with lampies by giving them a dmx line.

Rear panel connections:


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