Peter Foulkes


Gerard and Vernon struggle to contemplate life without Peter. He is the essential cog in the finely tuned Coast to Coast machine. His exceptional engineering abilities coupled with his organisational skills and understated good looks are an asset to the team. He also wrote this. Since writing this it has become quite clear that Gerard and Vernon are perfectly capable of coping without Peter and have managed to do so for about 7 years whilst Peter has been off pottering with great big LED screens, Magnum, Lacuna Coil and the legendary Uriah Heep.

A freelance sound engineer since 1991, Peter has worked with many artists in all genres over that time in both front of house and monitor engineer roles. Shows over the years have included mixing Bob Catley (ex.Magnum) on his UK & European tours, a one off show as front of house engineer for Paradise Lost in Istanbul. Other shows have included Zodiac Mindwarp, monitors for Gareth Gates and Rooster in between a 5 month tour with a large LED screen and a few other video related jobs. In truth, he is 50% vidiot nowadays with quite a few pretty high profile clients as it happens. Prince's Trust, BBC, English Tug of War Association. They all phone him when no-one else is available.

Peter spent 3 summers watching telly for the BBC.

He owns a small church mouse that can sing.



Peter can be contacted via email at

He also has his own website now:


Live audio suppliers for touring, festivals, corporate events and just about anything else that needs a noise making.