We have two main types of front of house speakers. Our main system, affectionately referred to as 'the grey stuff', is a proprietary design built for us by a leading industry manufacturer, using what we regard as the best components in terms of both quality and reliability. The system performs well both indoors and outdoors and boxes can be supplied to your needs, from 1 speaker up to 50 speakers. It runs 4-ways (passive 5 way) using digital signal processing.

Our EAW KF650's are also available. Their smaller size makes them particularly suitable for theatre venues where sightlines can so often be an issue. As with our other speakers this system is run 4 way.

There is an extensive range of monitor speakers. 24 matched wedges are at the core of our monitor stock. They have a 15" and a 2" driver and can be supplied bi-amped if required. A selection of EAW monitors are used to fulfil more specialised roles such as satisfying an unexpected brass section on an already full stage or as in-fills to cover the often missed front rows. Side fills and drum fills can be provided to suit your individual requirements. Combined with Klark Teknik graphics and processing and a Soundcraft Series 5 monitor desk (up to 34 mixes if you're feeling daring) we are proud of our monitor system and we feel this quality is reflected in the positive comments we regularly receive from artists we work with.

We have a collection of various  other speakers suitable for mounting on speaker stands and using as vocal pa's or hiding in scenery for background music. We appreciate your event may not need truckloads of PA, perhaps we can supply something a little smaller for you.

Live audio suppliers for touring, festivals, corporate events and just about anything else that needs a noise making.