We have an extensive stock of processing equipment from all the industry standard manufacturers. For most of the items listed below we carry several units. As an alternative to hiring individual units we can offer our standard complete effects and processing racks at even more competitive rates. We find that the standard racks are enough to satisfy the vast majority of production riders.


Brand Description per day per week
Yamaha SPX 2000 Multi FX Processor    
Yamaha SPX 990 Multi FX Processor    
TC Electronic M5000 Dual Reverb    
Yamaha D5000 Digital Delay     
Roland SRV 330 Reverb    
Yamaha REV 7     
Yamaha REV 5    
Yamaha D1500 Digital Delay    
Roland SRV 2000 Reverb    
Roland  SDE 3000 Digital Delay    
Roland SDE 330 Digital Delay    
Yamaha SPX 1000 Multi FX Processor    
Yamaha SPX 900 Multi FX Processor    
Yamaha SPX 90 II Multi FX Processor    
Klark Teknik DN510 Dual Gate    
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate    
DBX 160A Compressor    
BSS DPR 901 Dynamic Equaliser    
XTA XTA C2 Dual Compressors    
XTA XTA G2 Dual Gates    
Behringer Gates (Various dual & quad models)    
Behringer Compressors (Various dual & quad models)    
Drawmer DL231 Compressor    
Funk Logic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator    
Funk Logic AP-302 Algorythmic Prosecutor    
Klark Teknik DN3600 Graphic Equaliser    
Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equaliser    

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