Our amplifiers are a mixture of C-Audio and Chevin Research. There are 12 amplifier racks in general stock, 8 main system racks, each suitable for powering up to 6 high/mid packs and 4 subs although we prefer to run 4 high/mid packs per rack because it sounds better. The monitor racks vary from job to job but will generally contain 12 channels of amplifier and 6 channels of processing (crossovers).

Naturally, we can supply individual amplifiers if required. We would generally recommend our C-Audio Pulse stock available as stereo or quad versions and in a range of power outputs. Their relatively low weight makes them ideal for smaller jobs.


Brand Description per day per week
C-Audio SRX3801. 2x1200W rms into 4 ohm. 29kg
Chevin Research  A1000 2x600W rms into 4 ohm
Chevin Research A3000 2x900W rms into 4 ohm
Chevin Research Q6 4x600W rms into 4 ohm
C-Audio Pulse 4x300 rms into 4 ohm. 
C-Audio Pulse 2x650 rms into 4 ohm. 11kg
C-Audio Pulse 2x1100 rms into 4 ohm

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